Spotlight on Alumni


Jessy Qin ‘18 I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Intelligent Robotics at the University of Southern California. Recently, I am working on a few projects in the autonomous vehicles domain and I find that the knowledge of Cognitive Science is very relevant and helpful in developing algorithms for sensory information processing as well as high-level decision making. In the future, I plan to learn and grow as a software engineer and... Continue Reading


I'm excited to share that I've accepted Penn State College of Engineering's offer of a fully-funded research assistantship in its PhD Program in Acoustics! My advisor (and head of the department) is the current president of the Acoustical Society of America, and under his instruction I will be undertaking one of three research projects in sonic boom aeroacoustics involving the sound flow of supersonic aircraft, either through NASA or commercial companies. Studying acoustics is music... Continue Reading
After graduation I moved to Montreal to pursue a master's of science at McGill University in Transcultural Psychiatry. I'm currently finishing that up! And then in July I will be moving to Philadelphia to attend medical school at Jefferson.
I am working in Social Advertising, promoting ads on social channels (Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.). Day to day I work with clients to prioritize their goals, guidelines, and expectations for their social advertising. This is partly done by creating and providing strategic media plans for all new campaign initiatives, across all social platforms, based off of the clients’ briefing guidelines and past media performance. Once the plan is agreed upon by the client I then... Continue Reading


After graduation I moved to Baltimore, MD and worked as a technician in the Department of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University. I then entered the Cellular and Molecular Medicine graduate training program at Hopkins in 2015. I am currently in my 5th year of the program in Dr. Alex Kolodkin's laboratory in the Department of Neuroscience. My research explores the molecular mechanisms that underlie cortical circuit formation in the mammalian brain. Upon completion of my PhD I will pursue a... Continue Reading


I got my master’s degree in Industrial/Systems Engineering (Human Factors Engineering) from SUNY Buffalo in 2015, and just finished my Ph.D. in Design Science at the University of Michigan. I studied engineering design cognition, focusing on systems thinking and design thinking in systems engineering.


Michael left Lehigh with not only a double major in Cognitive Science and Classics but also a master’s degree in Political Science! This diverse background launched him on career path that has taken many different turns. He started out as a librarian for the Supreme Court. From there, he worked as a lobbyist for a trade association, then did some outreach for social movements, and eventually landed contract work for the VA. From the VA, Michael moved to his current job at Cognosante, a... Continue Reading