Michael Zurat '04

Michael left Lehigh with not only a double major in Cognitive Science and Classics but also a master’s degree in Political Science! This diverse background launched him on career path that has taken many different turns. He started out as a librarian for the Supreme Court. From there, he worked as a lobbyist for a trade association, then did some outreach for social movements, and eventually landed contract work for the VA. From the VA, Michael moved to his current job at Cognosante, a company specializing in innovation in health care technology. Michael’s Cognitive Science background and research experience on robots with Prof. Hector Muñoz-Avila have served him well at Cognosante, where he has worked on using robots to deliver health care information to children. Michael is fascinated by how people interact with the robots and the assumptions they make about what the robots can do and understand. Michael says his interest in robots and also in applied aspects of linguistics such as how people communicate are what led him to Cognitive Science in the first place.