Josh Kapcsos '17 (Cog Sci minor)

I'm excited to share that I've accepted Penn State College of Engineering's offer of a fully-funded research assistantship in its PhD Program in Acoustics! My advisor (and head of the department) is the current president of the Acoustical Society of America, and under his instruction I will be undertaking one of three research projects in sonic boom aeroacoustics involving the sound flow of supersonic aircraft, either through NASA or commercial companies. Studying acoustics is music to my ears.
I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to minor in Cognitive Science when I was at Lehigh. This acoustics department was looking specifically for someone with a strong physics background who is also comfortable coding for this research endeavor, and they pointed out that I had more coding experience than most physics majors. I expressed that when I studied Cognitive Science at Lehigh, I focused on the AI branch, having taken courses for the minor including a computational physics course, COGS 327, CSE 017 (programming & data structures), among others, so I have your program to thank for giving me a skillset that allowed me to stand out from the crowd of physics majors.