Program Faculty

Name Area Position Specialization Email
Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience Professor Attention, Executive Control kate.arrington@lehigh.edu
Psychology Assistant Professor Visual Memory, Working Memory nbc415@lehigh.edu
Computer Science & Engineering Assistant Professor djd219@lehigh.edu
Computer Science and Engineering Associate Professor Semantic Web heflin@cse.lehigh.edu
Linguistics, Pragmatics Director of Cognitive Science Program, Professor Japanese kjl2@lehigh.edu
Cognitive Psychology, Language Professor Language Production pat.oseaghdha@lehigh.edu
Sociology Assistant Professor Culture, Language, Computational Methods dss219@lehigh.edu

Other Faculty with Related Research Interests

Name Area Position Specialization Email
Computer Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Human-Computer Interaction and Technology in Society ericpsb@lehigh.edu
Philosphy Professor, Chair 20th Century Thought gordon@lehigh.edu
Philosophy, Psychology Professor Philosophical Psychology mhb0@lehigh.edu
Neuroscience Professor Hearing rmb206@lehigh.edu
Anthropology, Environmental Initiative Professor Cognitive, Ecological Anthropology dac511@lehigh.edu
Biological Science Associate Professor Neuroscience juh312@lehigh.edu
Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience Associate Professor Memory hupbach@lehigh.edu
Journalism and Communication, Data X Initiative Assistant Professor Technology, Data Journalism haiyan.jia@lehigh.edu
Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience Professor Self and Identity djp208@lehigh.edu
Biological Sciences Professor Reproductive Neuroendocrinology js0v@lehigh.edu


Name Area Position Specialization Email
Sociology and Anthropology Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus Socially distributed cognition jbg1@lehigh.edu
Cognitive Science, Cognitive Psychology Professor Emerita Language and Concepts bcm0@lehigh.edu