Career Paths for Cognitive Science Students

The interdisciplinary nature of Cognitive Science provides students with the opportunity to pursue careers ranging from science to technology to law. For those interested in the ‘pure’ science of understanding human or machine intelligence, a typical option is to continue graduate studies in fields including computer science, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, or linguistics.  A major in Cognitive Science also opens the doors to many other careers including:

Artificial Intelligence Research and Design
Data Science/ Data Analysis
Game Design
Software Engineering
User Experience / User Interface Design
Human Factors Engineering
Medical Technology and Analysis
Speech Synthesis and Voice Recognition
Communications and Mobile Systems
Neural Network Applications
Expert Systems
Educational Technology
Social Media
Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation
Technical Writing & Journalism
Science Communication and Public Engagement
Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Students are also well positioned to move into other fields that value good writing and analytic thought along with technical and research skills, including:

Civil Service
Social Work

Frequent employers of Cognitive Science graduates include:

Tech companies
Consulting firms
Publishing firms

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