Get to Know the Faculty

Interested in development? Meet Professor Brandone! Professor Brandone studied psychology as an undergraduate at Boston College, where she took a course by Dr. Ellen Winner that sparked her interest in cognitive development. The class started her fascination with studies of preverbal infants' knowledge and the ways in which deceptively simple experimental methods could be used to address fundamental theoretical questions. Since then, she has focused on cognitive development research.... Continue Reading
Interested in linguistics? Meet Professor Lee! Professor Lee was drawn to Cognitive Science through her investigation of language structure and mental grammar-- she is a linguist with specializations in Japanese and Korean. Right now, she is looking at the grammaticalization of Japanese and Korean plural morphemes. In these languages, although there are plural morphemes, they are optional. Instead, speakers use “classifiers” to show plurality of countable nouns. For example, in... Continue Reading
Meet Professor Munoz-Avila! Professor Munoz-Avila is a professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department. He is drawn to the field of Cognitive Science based on his work in Artificial Intelligence. Professor Munoz-Avila is interested in understanding capabilities and limitations of AI by drawing parallels with people. Currently, he is interested in cognitive systems that are motivated by peoples' capabilities; “I am interested in systems that self-assess what they do.... Continue Reading
Professor Burger is a member of the Biology Department with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and anthropology, a PhD in zoology, and postdoctoral training in physiology and biophysics. Currently, his lab is working on two major projects: one is looking at how neuromodulatory systems in the brain influence the processing of sound on a very low level in the auditory system. The other is looking at development of specialization in the brain to process different frequencies of sound. His... Continue Reading