Cognitive Science Alumni Panel

Monday, February 8, 2021 - 5:00pm


Hear from Cognitive Science alumni about life after Lehigh!
All welcome!
Joelle Dorskind ‘13 
PhD Student, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Cellular and Molecular Medicine) 
I am finishing up my PhD in Dr. Alex Kolodkin's laboratory in the Department of Neuroscience. Our lab studies axon guidance (or how axons navigate to their appropriate targets in the brain) in the mouse retina and the cortex. My thesis work is understanding how the laminated circuitry of the mammalian cerebral cortex is established. The cortex has six unique layers populated by different cell types - I am trying to explore the molecular determinants of a population of these cells (Layer II/III neurons) in terms of how they chose their synaptic partners and how their axon branches are organized. My work involves a lot of mouse genetics, survival surgeries and cell culture experiments.
Melissa Greene, PhD ‘12
Sopheon Corporation, user experience (UX) researcher
My interest is in human-centered product, service, and systems design. I analyze consumer behavior to identify goals and challenges, model tasks and workflows, and form data-driven insights to address the needs of consumers. I then work with UX designers, engineers, and product managers to make software that is as easy to use as possible.
Troy Hendry ‘00
Entrepreneur working on a behind-the-scenes/information infrastructure product 
I have experience in a variety of settings (federal, non-profit, private industries). I have helped many different organizations by sticking to the basics: robust technology, and an awareness of the purpose of the technology, ultimately always to help a human being
Max Smith ‘15 
Celonis Inc., Global Product Marketing Manager 
My area of work is in Product, with my current role being Global Product Marketing Manager.  The name of the game is all about empathizing with buyers and users at enterprise software companies in order to inform product development or marketing efforts.

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