Dr. Lili Sahakyan - Lessons Learned from Intentional Forgetting

Friday, October 18, 2019 - 12:10pm


Chandler-Ullmann 133


Cognitive Science Program
Psychology Department


Dr. Lili Sahakyan

University of Illinois

My program of research examines how people retrieve appropriate memories and exclude inappropriate ones by focusing on the role of context processing in intentional forgetting. Because we use context  to retrieve information pertaining to our past, processes that alter our representations of context can enhance or diminish our capacity to retrieve particular memories. I will review behavioral findings on intentional forgetting, which have been traditionally explained in terms of inhibition, and suggest that by taking a different theoretical perspective, we can make progress on other memory phenomena. I will also present recent evidence from the eye-tracking studies and fMRI studies examining neural signatures of intentional forgetting. Finally, I will extend the research on intentional forgetting to individual differences, including studies with older adults, and non-clinical populations with vulnerability for mental illness.



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